The A Star Celebrities Who Call St Tropez Home

With its Mediterranean sun, luxury villas, exclusive night spots and private yachts, it’s easy to understand the allure St Tropez has for the many celebrities that descend upon the beautiful port town during the summer months.  Popular with Hollywood icons and politicians, world-famous musicians and sporting stars, the undeniable glamour coupled with a sense of privacy and sanctuary in large villa gardens away from photography lenses make St Tropez the summer retreat of choice amongst the rich and famous.


Whilst strolling through the streets and along the waterfront, you’ll undoubtedly see a familiar face or two – here are our top celebrities you may want to look out for:


Brigitte Bardot

How could we mention St Tropez without mentioning Brigette Bardot?  When Bardot first stepped foot onto French soil in the 1950s to film ‘And God Created Women’ she effectively created the St Tropez we know and love today.  The Cote d’Azur was transformed overnight into an exclusive resort for Hollywood’s elite and, two years later, Brigette herself moved there permanently in 1958.  Her name has become etched in St Tropez’s history – so much so that she was honoured this year with a statue that was unveiled on her 83rd birthday.  The 8ft tall, 700kg bronze statue is positioned opposite the local cinema museum, Le Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma.


Beyonce and Jay-Z

St Tropez is a firm favourite for this chart-topping power couple, with Jay-Z even declaring his love for the resort in his song ’30 Something’.  The pair regularly take their vacation in this part of the Riviera, after first taking a trip there in the early 00s when they first started dating.  Fast forward a few years and they’re often seen strolling around the resort with their daughter Blue Ivy and newborn twins in tow before relaxing on a superyacht away from prying eyes or indulging in gourmet cuisine on the Waterside Lounger at Club 55.  Beyonce’s even been known to enjoy a bit of jet skiing!


Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel’s head creative director has had a love affair with the French Riviera for over 10 years now, visiting St Tropez for his well-earned summer break.  Enjoying the resort for all manner of reasons, he speaks of his love for the L’Annonciade museum, found in a former 16th century chapel, for its ‘great exhibitions’ and shops regularly in Parfumerie Truphème for his summer essentials and gifts for his house guests.  As well as being a fan of the Cabaret-style show that can be found at Le Quai and the Italian cuisine at La Gioia & the VIP Room, he too enjoys Club 55 for its unrivalled crudité platter and the orchestra that serenades from table to table.


Joan Collins

The actress has openly spoken about her love for St Tropez – and has even written a book on it!  She first fell in love as a teenager for its magical charm and speaks of how it’s her favourite place on the Riveria.  Although a fan of most of the celebrity hotspots that St Tropez has become famous for, there’s no place Joan enjoys more than the idyllic setting of little-known restaurant Plages des Graniers, where she lunches away on the beach from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and parties.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Like most Hollywood A-listers Leonardo is attracted to St Topez for its fabulous weather, extravagant parties and luxury yachts and will sometimes have an extended stay there before or after Cannes Film Festival.  His love for the resort is clear and he’s often seen relaxing with other celebrity pals in the harbour but his visits to St Tropez are for reasons that extend further than a summer vacation.  Each year, DiCaprio hosts a star-studded gala at the Domain Bertaud Belieu Vineyward, inviting some of the most famous faces in showbiz to raise funds for his environmental and wildlife cause, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.


Kate Moss

Rarely a summer passes by without supermodel Kate Moss dropping into St Tropez.  Known for her partying ways, it’s no surprise that when she’s not sunbathing on board a yacht, she’s regularly been seen over the years at some of the resort’s hottest clubs with her celebrity pals – although in recent years she’s brought along daughter Lila Grace for a slightly slower paced holiday.


Elton John

Preferring to holiday in a more low-key manner, Elton John and his family enjoy St Tropez as an escape from the entertainment world and an opportunity to spend quality time together in the sunshine.  Accompanied by their two sons, Elton and his husband David love to head to the beach for lunch on a boat as well as treating the boys to an ice cream or two as they walk along shoreline.



U2’s frontman spends a lot of time in the French Riviera, owning a home on the sea-front that perfectly places him in an ideal spot to jet over to his beloved St Tropez on his private yacht.  His hangout of choice, like Beyonce and Karl, is Club 55 and just last year he was spotted there with friend and software giant, Bill Gates – as well as regularly being accompanied by the likes of fashion designer John Rocha, fellow musician Noel Gallagher and funny-man and actor Sacha Baron Cohen and actress wife Isla Fisher.


Giorgia Armani

The fashion designer has long been a fan of the St Tropez sun and has a house situated in the hills away from prying eyes.  Usually escaping in July for just over a month, he never tires of walking around the town, swimming with the locals and perusing the open-air market in Place des Lices.   If he’s in the mood for a party, he’ll head to the Cinquante Cinq beach club but more often than not he enjoys the quieter, more peaceful life that St Tropez can also offer.


The Royals

As if the fashion designers, actors, popstars and models weren’t enough, why not add some royals to this Mediterranean mix?  Regularly visited, perhaps obviously, by Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco, St Tropez has also been graced with Princess Madeleine and Princess of Sofia, as well as British royals, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, also treating the port as a home-from-home.  Happy to be seen mingling with the likes of Ashton Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis, the British princesses enjoy partying in celebrity hotspots and jetting off across the water in boats.


Why not indulge in the luxury lifestyle that St Tropez has to offer and come and experience it yourself?  Contact one of our dedicated villa specialists here to start planning your escape to the infamous French Riviera.